Zuma Highchair

I have a small apartment and space is an issue: do you recommend the Zuma highchair or the Club highchair?
We recommend the Zuma highchair, since - once folded - it can be easily hidden underneath a table and you barely know it is there.

I bought my Zuma highchair, but - after a few months of use - I got tired of the seat cover: what do you suggest?
One of the great features about the Zuma is that the seat covers are changeable! You can purchase new seat covers in any of the available colors.

How many positions can I recline the backrest of the Zuma in?
There are three (3) sitting positions: for eating, relaxing and napping.

What type of material does the 2015 Zuma seat cover have?
Like the 2014 version, the 2015 Zuma highchair features the new leatherette seat cover fabric that is more comfortable for your baby and easier to wipe clean. The seat cover continues to offer the new clip attachment system that was introduced in the 2013 Zuma highchair. The bottom of the seat cover attaches to the frame of the Zuma with clips opposed to velcro. This new attachment system makes cleaning super easy!