Trusted by families for over 60 years

Born in Vicenza, Italy, Inglesina has been making premium strollers,
highchairs & table chairs since 1963 with the wellness of your baby in mind.

Explore the journey of Inglesina’s beginnings below.
The wellness of your baby is at the forefront of everything we do. We strive to make parents’ lives easier by making practical & elegant baby gear, following the values of our founder Liviano Tomasi. His passion for the company he created with his wife Bruna is shown by his continuous involvement in the company’s business, even to this day.

Inglesina is still a family-owned company.

Inglesina is born

Behind the Anglo-Saxon references of the Inglesina name there is a completely Italian reality. So, why did we choose this name?
The answer has to do with our company’s first model in the 1960s: the historic “Londra”, with a leaf-spring frame inspired by the traditional English carriages of the British court. Hence the name “Inglesina”, which translates to “little English girl”.

Ready for the moon

Inglesina launches an entirely restyled product range with renovated frames, dynamic models and new colors. Production remains limited, but top-class, for a particularly demanding clientèle. This is how Apollo, the stroller inspired by the first trip to the moon, was created.

Small steps towards the future

Inglesina launches the bassinets designed to be attached to the frame and the reversible stroller seat.
The twin collection is released at the same time.

Transport for the new generations

Alice pram marks a turning point in production: Inglesina introduces a baby bassinet with a rigid frame, along with the King frame featuring an umbrella-folding system.

First class travel

This decade is marked by major investments in printed fabrics inspired by the fashion trends of the time.

Into a new gear

Zippy is launched: the revolutionary stroller marks a significant turning point for Inglesina.

At home with practicality and elegance

Inglesina launches M’Home, a collection of highchairs and rocking chairs dedicated to your home, featuring clean-cut, minimalistic shapes setting the most sophisticated interior design trends at the time.

Ready to take off

Have you ever seen a stroller navigate city streets among skyscrapers and the metropolitan chaos? Inglesina launches Avio.

A trilogy of love is born

Inglesina launches Trilogy. This full-size stroller is compatible with a bassinet and car seats, making it the perfect travel system for design, functionality and well-being.

A Star

Madonna features the Inglesina Classica pram in her "Give me all your luvin’" music video.

Going to Sochi

Inglesina participates in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, with the Classica pram.

The city-proof frame

Inglesina introduces Trilogy City, a stroller featuring a frame that is only 19.60" wide, still offering the ultimate comfort.

The era of the great bassinet begins

The Inglesina bassinets get even bigger to give your sweetie all the space they deserve.

Aptica - the glam crossover -
is launched

Aptica offers exceptional comfort for your baby, is extremely easy to use, still featuring the impeccable design Inglesina is known for.

The Quid stroller takes off

Ready for boarding? The ultra-compact, super light stroller is ideal for traveling all around the world, even on a plane.

Electa - the lightest full-size stroller - is launched

Inglesina launches its lightest premium full-size stroller, weighing just 19lbs. Made in Italy.