Zippy Light Stroller

What is the difference between the 2017 and the 2018 Zippy Light Stroller?
The 2018 Zippy Light offers an even bigger hood for increased protection against the sun along with additional padding to the backrest and safety harness. We've also designed the 2018 model with a two-tone fabric, making the Zippy Light more stylish than ever.

What is the maximum age of a child to use the Zippy Light stroller?
It is more of a weight issue than an age one, however it is usually 36 months.

What is the maximum allowable weight for the Zippy Light?
55 lbs

Does the Zippy Light contain regulated BPA, lead, flame retardants, or Pthalates?

Does the Zippy Light stroller have a front or rear wheel suspension?
Yes, Zippy Light has both a front and rear-wheel suspension.

Is the Zippy Light stroller car seat compatible?
The Zippy Light stroller is compatible with Maxi-Cosi® (Mico 30 & Max 30) + Cybex® (Aton Q US, Aton 2 US & Aton Q US) + Nuna® Pipa car seat thanks to the Zippy Light car seat adaptor (sold separately).

How much does the Zippy Light weigh?
15.2 lbs

Is the Zippy Light water-repellent?

My basket came with a small hole. Is this normal?
Yes, all of our baskets arrive with a small hole so that any water build up can easily be drained.