Quad Stroller

Can the Quad stroller accommodate newborns?
Yes, the Quad stroller seat reclines flat to accommodate newborns and sleepy toddlers. You can also use the Quad's bassinet for newborns (sold separately).

What is the maximum age of a child to use the Quad stroller?
It is more of an weight issue than an age one

What is the maximum allowable weight for the Quad stroller?
55 lbs

Is the Quad stroller car seat compatible?
The Quad stroller is compatible with Maxi-Cosi® (Mico AP & Prezi) + Cybex® (Aton, Aton 2 & Aton Q) + Nuna® Pipa car seat thanks to our car seat adaptor (sold separately). We sell one car seat adapter that is compatible with all of the car seats listed.

Does the Quad stroller accommodate a snack tray?
There is no snack tray available for this item.

How much does the Quad weigh?
26.45 lbs

Does the Quad have an adjustable handle?

Is the Quad water-repellent?

My basket came with a small hole. Is this normal?
Yes, all of our baskets arrive with a small hole so that any water build up can easily be drained.